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Personal, Career & Business Coach

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner

Multi-Passionate Educator & Presenter

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"I learn things, so I can do things, and so I can teach things" ~Kristie May


I spent 8 years of schooling doing Acting Classes, and appeared in several theatre and stage productions.

I completed Grade 12 on the Gold Coast, and was top in the class for Geography and Information Processing and Technology (IPT/IT).  I also did well in Maths and Art.

My career goal was to become a Wildlife Presenter on Totally Wild.

I was also in Scouts and Venturers.

My first degree was a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Wildlife Biology, Marine Biology and Ecotourism.  I even took an elective in Event Management.  

I had casual employment as a Griffith University Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor, a Salesperson in a Jewellery Store, and as a Guide for a local Ecotourism company.  

I also did Promotional and Photographic Work for various people, charities, businesses and companies on the Gold Coast.

When I wasn’t in class or working, I’d spend alot of time at Uni playing pool.

I was also a Rover Scout, and enjoyed camping and socialising.

After completing my Science degree, I volunteered at David Fleay Wildlife Park as a Guide, and obtained some work experience at Totally Wild as a researcher and script writer.  I then decided to advance my qualifications to improve my chances of becoming a Wildlife Presenter.

I went back to University and did a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and specialised in Science/Biology and Geography teaching.

Whilst studying, I completed several Modelling, Grooming and Deportment Courses, and spent 14 years entering modelling competitions where I would do my own makeup, hair, styling and coordination.

I fundraised for Multicap, the Endeavour Foundation, Variety Club of Queensland, Epilepsy Queensland, RSL War Veterans, and volunteered at many community events such as the Mudgeeraba Show, Greenbank Show, Gold Coast Show, Tropicarnival and Springfest on the Gold Coast.  Some fundraising highlights were the Junior Australia Quest, and RSL Girl in a Million Quest.

I raised over $30,000 for various charities and community events, and obtained sponsorship and donations from some very high-profile people and businesses.

I also volunteered as an MC and Guest Judge for Baby Shows, Quests, and Fundraising Competitions, and I organised various fundraising events and auctions.

I was the Event Coordinator for the 2003 Miss Mudgeeraba Showgirl Quest (as the reining winner), and I launched the inaugural Miss Teen Mudgeeraba Showgirl Quest.  That year was a highly successful year for entrants.

Winning Titles:
2009 – Miss Greenbank Showgirl Winner
2003 – Palm Beach Currumbin Miss Springfest Winner
2002 – Miss Mudgeeraba Showgirl Winner
2002 – Springfest Queen Winner
2002 – RSL Teen in a Million Winner (South East District)
2002 – Cinderella Winner (Mudgeeraba Mad Pumpkin Party)
2001 – Miss Springfest Winner
2001 – Miss Rotary of Palm Beach Winner
1999 – 2000 – Face of the Gold Coast Senior Winner
1999 – Multicap Young Model Search Age Group Winner & Most Fashion Coordinated Winner

With all my volunteer, fundraising and promotional work on the Gold Coast, and active social life, I was featured regularly in the press.

I was published in numerous newspapers such as the Gold Coast Bulletin, Gold Coast Sun, Gold Coast Mail, Daily News, Beaudesert Times, Queensland Country Life, News and Views, Tweed Times, Tweed Mail, Logan West Leader, and the Northside Chronicle.

I was published in magazines such as Griffith University Getamungstit, Look This Week, Queensland All Over, Venus Magazine, Point Out, Today Tonight Tomorrow, Moshpit Monthly, and The Local Newsletter.

I had several radio interviews on Beau FM, Sea FM, ABC Gold Coast, and ABC Coast FM. 

I also appeared on television such as Channel 9 Gold Coast News, Saturday Disney, and Totally Wild.

I had always wanted to start a business, and I loved fashion, so in 2009, I decided to start a lingerie and dress business, which I named Lingerie and Gowns.  I built my own website, purchased some stock, and obtained my first order within days.

After a few months of operating, I won my first Business Award, and the business was taking off.

I was selling more wedding dresses than lingerie at this stage, and I wanted to expand, so I created a Company called Kristie Management Group Pty Ltd, and I re-branded Lingerie and Gowns to Australian Designer Bridal and Formal.

I grew this business further, obtained some fantastic Consultants to assist me Australia-wide, and opened up a Studio in Brisbane and Canberra.

I won some more awards, and I ran the business as well as worked full-time until 2014, when I decided to put everything on hold for a while.

Business Awards and Certificates:
2013 – Easy Weddings Certificate of Excellence “Australian Designer Bridal and Formal”
2012 – Quest Business Achiever Awards Winner – Brisbane City Council Digital Business Award (Northside Chronicle) “Australian Designer Bridal and Formal”
2010 – Quest Business Achiever Awards Winner – Fashion & Beauty Services (Logan West Leader) “Lingerie and Gowns”
2009 – Quest Business Achiever Awards Winner – Fashion (Logan West Leader) “Lingerie and Gowns”

With two degrees and various experience, my first job was in Brisbane at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as an External Studies Officer and Anatomy and Biology Sessional Lecturer.

I moved into a Client Services Officer role at another RTO, and then worked as a Health, Safety and Environment Officer in another company.

I decided to give teaching a go, and worked as a High School Science and Maths teacher for 2 years, and then I moved over to London where I did Relief Teaching, and obtained a Maths Contract.

I also worked in a Pub in London, and travelled to many different countries on weekends.

At this stage, I was still running Lingerie and Gowns (before re-branding), and my parents helped me with the orders in Australia while I was overseas.

When I returned from London, I wanted to advance my teaching skills, and decided I would love teaching adults, so I obtained a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Facilitation, and Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

I also wanted to develop my career guidance and counselling skills, so I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Development (Career Development and Lifelong Learning), and a Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling).

Deans Commendation Award (Postgraduate Certificate): GPA of 7 (High Distinction)

When I moved back to Brisbane, I found myself in another RTO, where I taught Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Small Business Management, and Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

After a restructure in that organisation, I changed employers, and I found myself learning JD Edwards (JDE) software, and I delivered training across Australia to a company that was rolling it out throughout their businesses.

After that project ceased, I moved to another RTO and created curriculum and assessments for various Cert II-IV courses, and taught Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and Certificate II in Customer Contact.

I then moved to Canberra and worked as an Assessing Officer for biological imports, and then later advanced into a role as a Senior Trainer for the IT system they were implementing, where I was in charge of learning the system, and creating system technical documentation, business processes, and training material for it.  This role was a major highlight of my career.

After that project was completed, I moved to another role, as one of the key leads in implementing another IT system across one of their networks, and developed business processes, conducted testing, and delivered training.

After some illness in the family, I moved back to Brisbane and spent some time looking after my parents before I started another project role implementing SAP Asset Management throughout a business, including business analysis work, training material documentation, and delivery of training.

I then commenced a full-time permanent role in Information Management and Information Security.  I was selected for an Emerging Leaders Program, and I was given the opportunity to act at higher duties as a Business Planner and Account Manager.  I was also asked to assist with the IT Business Change project as an Analyst, assisting with the new Service Catalogue, and doing some workforce assessments.  I’m still with the same department today.

Because I loved acting and theatre, and I still had a dream of becoming a TV Presenter, I decided to attend NIDA and I completed a TV Presenting Essentials Course in Sydney.

I still loved fashion and makeup, so I completed a Certificate II in Clothing Production, and a Makeup for Special Occasions Course.

Because I was working so much within projects, which incorporated some business analysis work, I completed a Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, and a Diploma of Project Management.

I immersed myself into my own personal physical change project, and started managing my diet and going to the gym.  This inspired me to complete a Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Becoming more “aware” of my own mind, and overcoming some pretty big life challenges, I decided to jump into something I’d wanted to study for a very long time.  I completed a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy, and an NLP Practitioner Certification, so I could help people through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP, and to enable myself to become a better leader.

After I put Australian Designer Bridal and Formal on hold, I spent a few years brainstorming different business ideas that aligned with my qualifications, experience, and passions.  I knew I wanted to be creative, and I wanted to help people.

I sought advice from various coaches, and the majority told me to only create one business, however this didn’t align with me, as I am passionate, driven, determined, optimistic, and want to do everything.  Having only one business with one niche just didn’t feel right for me.

After some time designing different brands and business ideas and changing them around, I decided to do some further research and study by watching what other successful entrepreneurs did.  I noticed that the majority of successful people had a variety of business streams, and this helped me to feel comfortable that I was on the right track.

I decided to own the fact that I’m multi-passionate, and I managed to narrow down my focus to Coaching, Educating and Presenting, using tools such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling and NLP.  I still loved working with bridal gowns, and decided to re-launch Australian Designer Bridal and Formal and create a new brand for ready-made off-the-rack dresses called Laneway Bridal.

Overall, I launched and created seven different businesses, all with different target markets, that incorporated my key passions of being creative and helping people.

Right now I live in Brisbane with my amazing partner and beautiful daughter, and I am enjoying working and inspiring others with my various businesses.


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